Monday, June 25, 2012

Tony, Heather and Logan!

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Here they are...the Wanoch family...Tony, Heather and Logan.  I don't even know where to start!  Lol.  These three are such a hoot!  They are so easy going and laid back!  I have known Heather for awhile and after photographing her and Tony's wedding...I was hooked!  Lol.  They really are perfect for each other and even though I don't see them a lot, when I do see them, I feel so much love between them and the three of them for that matter!  I'm hoping that they'll one day soon have a little baby for me to photograph...*hint*hint*...  But that means I need to step up my game and think of something extra special!  Extra special people...extra special baby...extra special pictures!  :)  Thanks for making the drive to visit me was great seeing you! 


Okay, cute is Miss Millie!?!  Millie and her mama, Katey, came to see me on June 8th for her nine month pictures!  I've been photographing Millie since she was born and I've loved watching her grow!  I can't believe that she'll be turning one though!  Time really goes so fast! 

Heather, Kendra and Mitchell!

Heather, Kendra and Mitchell came to my studio on June 7th for a few updated pictures!  I absolutely adore these kids!  (And Heather is pretty cool  Kendra and Mitchell are hilarious and I love talking with just never know what they are going to say!  :)  I had a lot of fun with the three of them and always look forward to their next visit! 

Mitchell is NOT missing a leg! Lol. He had ants in his pants at this point of the session, so he couldn't hold still for long! Either way...I love it! ♥


Meet Mr. Trevor!  Trevor came to visit me on May 29th for his newborn session!  He was just 13 days old and oh so perfect!  I photographed his parent's wedding and I've loved everything about working with them!  They are a perfect match and I know that they will be great parents! he is...Mr. Trevor Michael Ellis! 

Cassie and Greylyn!

Cassie contacted me about wanting to do a mommy and me session with her and Greylyn!  I was pumped because if you're a mom like me, I hardly ever get in on the pictures with my boys.  :(  I have tons of Josh with them, but hardly any with me and them.  So...we met on May 22nd and I pretty much just let the two of them play and do their own thing and I just keep shooting!  Hopefully Cassie got exactly what she wanted and Greylyn will have something special to look back at someday! 

Kinsley, April BABY, BABY! Winner!

Meet Kinsley!  Kinsley was my April BABY, BABY! winner!  Kinsley came to my studio on May 22nd with her mom Sarah!  She was pretty serious, but she did great!  I had a lot of fun chatting with Sarah and I look forward to working with her and Kinsley again in the future! 

Jason and Amanda!

Jason and Amanda were married on May first wedding of the year!  I know Amanda from high school, so I was excited when her and Jason booked me for their wedding.  :)  They had a gorgeous day and a super fun wedding party!  I think I laughed most of the day!  So...I'll keep it short and they are...Mr. and Mrs. Linder!

 Jason and Amanda hadn't seen each other at this point. I got them all situated and snapped a few images before they turned around! :)
Lol...the first thing Jason did when he turned around to see Amanda for the first time was hand her the key to their room for the night! ;)

 The WHOLE family! ♥
 Lol. Jason and Amanda's girls were lighting the candles before the ceremony and somehow I think there was a disagreement. So...this one cracks me up!
 I love watching little girl's expressions when brides walk down the aisle! :)

 Glitter and Tang. :)
 Yay...they're married! I love the looks on their faces!
 The kiss!
 We had a sleeper! :)

 What a GREAT group! I had SO much fun!

 I ♥ the look on Amanda's dad's face! :)
 And lastly, me with Jason and Amanda!  Who doesn't want a picture with their wedding photographer!?!  ;)

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